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Short SMS number

You are able to buy a short SMS number from us to solve your business problems.
Or You are able to activate a new short SMS number by using our existing numbers.

Activation of short SMS number

Short SMS numbers are activated for each operator separately. For each short SMS number, each operator is assigned a tariff, which is paid by the subscriber at sending to a short number.

The advantage of a short number is its easy to remember and free reply messages to subscribers. When you purchase a new number you get exclusivity. In this number is only implemented Your projects, furthermore there are no technical limitations in the format of SMS, that you want to send consumers or participants of your project (for example, SMS promo).

Processing of incoming SMS messages

The operation of short SMS numbers is based on the "Request - Response" principle . The subscriber sends the SMS to the short number and receives a response from the short number. 

SMS messages can be processed both on the content provider's side and on the partner's side (sub-content provider). To work with partners, we provide an API (application software interface), through which you can quickly and easily implement any logic for processing SMS requests on the partner's side.