The system allows to increase the number of potential buyers, maximise their loyalty and trust to the brand through direct, personalized mobile marketing.

You will be able to provide the necessary information to customers, which will significantly increase not only the awareness of customers about your products and services, but also significantly affect the increase in sales.

Usability of the MOBIPACE system is automated control over all stages of execution and qualified technical support, which will allow you to achieve the planned result.
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The  MOBIPACE  system makes it possible to manage marketing campaigns much more effectively:

  • An indispensable full-featured assistant in organizing SMS notifications with 24x7 web access to your personal account
  • Designed for a wide range of users and does not require special skills and knowledge for working
  • Available via any browser and from anywhere in the world
  • It is used daily by more than 1000 companies to implement their marketing programs
  • Your employees can independently conduct SMS notification using the WEB interface

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The interface of the MOBIPACE system is equipped with special features such as:
  • sending messages to a large amount of recipients
  • the download of contacts lists from excel files .csv and .txt
  • import contacts and edit them by group for future mailings
  • sending SMS messages around the world
  • sending long messages (up to 500 characters)
  • creating and storing frequently used message templates
  • holiday reminders and birthday greetings
  • personalized mailing lists with auto-substitution of subscriber's names
  • black lists of numbers to prohibit mailing lists to certain subscribers

You can also:
  • Use different names to send messages
  • Evenly distribute the number of messages sent during the selected period
  • Set the time and date of messages to be sent
  • Have access to detailed statistics on sent SMS in real time

The MOBIPACE system provides various tools for competent and effective organization of Your marketing campaigns.

In particular, the system has the SMS Compass tool that will help You in case you do not have the phone numbers of Your potential customers.

The MOBIPACE system will give you the opportunity to:

  • Increase sales by quickly informing customers
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Quickly and effectively implement SMS marketing campaigns
  • Store, group, and edit Your customer base
  • Work with the system from anywhere in the world
  • Get access to all reports and statistics online
  • Integrate the functionality of the MOBIPACE system into any deployed system (CRM, 1C, website, etc.).)

MOBIPACE - is your independence in the advertising market!

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To get started, you need to:

  1. Register in the MOBIPACE system 
  2. Choose the best tariff plan
  3. To do initial configuration of the system
  4. Choose a convenient payment method
  5. Deposit funds to your account and start working

If you have any questions, we have provided a "Help" section with answers to all questions about working with the system.

You can also ask us a question at

MOBIPACE provides favorable financial conditions for all its users:

  • The SMS package you purchase does not have any time restrictions on its use
  • Our managers will always provide you with the most convenient conditions
  • Free qualified consultation at all stages of cooperation
  • Flexible discount system 
  • There are no hidden payments in the system
  • Companies with any marketing budget can work with the system

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Find out your tariff for SMS distribution or ask your question to our specialists

We welcome your questions even during off-hours and weekends.

Our services are provided by a prepaid system of mutual settlements.

To get started, you must:

  - Register in the system, after that, our managers will contact You to select the most convenient tariff for You.
  - To sign a contract for the provision of services
  - Top up your account in your personal account

The following payment methods are available in the system:

 - WebMoney payment system
 - YandexMoney payment system (payment on Yandex wallet 410011463769207 with mandatory indication of Your login in the system)

 - bank transfer

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