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A Corporation is not only a business, it is a culture, a lifestyle... almost like life itself.

Millions of people around the world work for hundreds of thousands of corporations. In the modern world, the main factors are two variables - people and information, and one constant - time.

In order to become a successful Corporation, you need to quickly deliver information to your employees.
This is what the MOBIPACE system offers you.

Via SMS, you can quickly inform your employees without leaving your office, without printing ads that no one reads, and without wasting valuable time on phone conversations.

We offer a tool that will not only congratulate everyone on the upcoming holiday, as well as everyone individually — on their birthday, but also, for example, will give a command to all traders to start buying these shares at the same time.

You can also integrate the MOBIPACE system into your CRM or ERP system. Microsoft was the first Corporation to appreciate this... and not only.

Industry-specific solution for automating the work of manufacturers and distributors

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