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The connection and rental of SMS numbers

In addition to organizing SMS mailings, you can always use our SMS numbers.

SMS numbers allow you to implement interactive and popular services: payment acceptance, advertising promotions, contests, surveys, information consultations, loyalty programs.

You can rent from us:

Version of number


    Terms of connection

    Application for connection

Shared short SMS number

    Number format: ХХХХ
The commercial number is intended for receiving SMS requests that cost from 3 to 300 rubles. Requires substitution of the Prefix (*ID, which is placed at the beginning of the text of the request message sent to the short number. Example of a prefix : PREFIX text of an SMS request) is Used for commercial projects: payment for services , SMS billing, SMS chat, SMS contests, and Content acquisition.

    from 1-3 days
    Application 1    
Shareware number (for promotions)

    Number format: XXXX
Number with minimum SMS billing (up to 1.77 rubles / SMS for the Sender) and prefix division. Designed for information services : checking the balance , registering codes in promotions, contacting the company, etc.

    from 1-3 days

    Application 2    
Federal SMS number

    Number format: 7 9ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ
The number is configured only for receiving SMS messages. Billing of SMS requests to the number is made according to the tariff plan of the SMS Sender . Analog of a short , shareware number

    up to 7 days
    Application 3    
Direct number

    Number format: ХХХХ
Number without prefix division. The cost of sending an SMS TO such a number is from 1.77 to 300 rubles ( set by the Customer. The sender can send an SMS of any content to the number. Does not require Prefix substitution at the beginning of the SMS.

    up to 1.5 month.
    Application 4    

To connect a short number, you need to:

  • Select the SMS number option and billing for subscribers
  • Sign an agreement with us
  • Оплатить стоимость активации номера
As a result you get:

  • number/prefix rental
  • access to online statistics (24х7)
  • autoresponder for information agreed with You
  • full technical support

We can also integrate  SMS numbers into your business solutions (website, corporate portal, CRM, call center, online store, etc.).

To find out the financial terms of the rantal individual number for your project, you can call or send a request to us.

We will activate the SMS number for You as quickly as possible !

If you still have questions, how connect a short number? Call us! 7 495 518 48 49

Please also note that SMS number rental is only available for companies or individual entrepreneurs. An individuals cannot rent a number.