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Mobile App Development (Android + iOS)
The Mobile App can become the basis part of the whole marketing infrastructure that allows you to control and correctly use all the data received from Your customers.

By creating a mobile app, you get:

  • Unique sales channel
  • A qualitatively new tool for working with the loyalty of your regular customers and promoting your brand!

<And most importantly, you can sell your products to customers who are now on their way home or to the office, in a cafe with friends, in a store, in a fitness club or on a walk with children.

Structure of a standard Mobile App

A standard Mobile App usually includes a number of sections:

1. Newsinformation about all brand updates and promotions

2. Accountthe section where personal information about the user is stored (phone number, address, home address, social accounts, social networks, credit card details for payment, gender, age, city, and even photos) you can adjust your profile settings, manage SMS/email newsletters, and monitor the status of your order.

3. Catalog of production online product catalog, where you can read the description of each item, order, postpone, try on and, of course, buy.

4. Search for the nearest stores on the city map.

5. Cart – a list containing a list of products to be paid for, which can be printed, sent to an email, or paid with a payment card and expected to be delivered to your home address.

Examples of Mobile Apps for different segments:

To make an order for the development

If you have already made a decision about the need to implement the development of your own mobile application, you need to clearly formulate the vision of the application, its structure and state it either in a free form, or in the Technical Task and send it to us (at ) for calculating the cost and programming the model.

And if you are just planning such a project, and do not have all the details , you can contact our company Manager, who will help you model applications for you using the example of the catalog of already implemented MOBBIS projects.

For all questions, you can always contact us at a convenient time for you, using the following contact details:

7 (495) 518 48 49