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Customer phone number database formatting

We have launched a new service for everyone who wants to format databases quickly and easily.

With this Service, you are able to:

    • Bringing mobile numbers to a single format 79ХХХХХХХХХ
    • Deleting city numbers from the list
    • Def code detection (79XX) for direct mobile numbers
    • Deleting duplicate numbers from the databaseВыявление часового пояса для каждого номера
    • Breakdown of the database by region/operator
    • As well as building a structure for subsequent filtering of the database by other, initial criteria of the ցustomer (gender, age, etc.)

After we format the database , you will receive a list of current numbers and will be able to plan your advertising campaigns more correctly in the future, as well as:

  • To reduce the cost of advertising
  • Avoid duplicate SMS messages during mailing
  • Make a selection of the database by region and other criteria

  Database formatting is done by our specialists who have extensive experience In outsourcing SMS services , and therefore they perfectly understand the requirements of companies that order the service from outside. During the processing of your customer base, we guarantee
  • security and safety of all data,
  • efficiency
  • individual approach
  • taking into account all your requirements for the data format

You can get a formatted list of your Customer base numbers within a few hours after paying for this Service. Payments are accepted to a bank account or Яндекс.Money or PayPal.

We quickly format any volume of databases, regardless of the number. And we will provide you with the file in the agreed format for further use.

If you still have questions or want to order a service , send us a request to or call us 7 495 518 48 49

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