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International SMS Transit

International SMS Transit is a service that provides reliable transportation and routing of mobile messages through a single entry point.

The MOBBIS platform will provide SMPP messaging to more than 200 countries around the world.

The system is also a gateway between GSM and CDMA networks. This means, that this gateway will allow you to organize the transfer of mobile messages between subscribers of operators working in different communication standards.

In addition, the gateway is transparent for sending messages containing binary data, including EMS, Nokia smart messages, and WAP push.

Characteristics of the Mailing Platform MOBBIS:

Parameters     Staff of specialists serving the direction

    Experience in this area

    Document flow , payment methods
  • Cluster load distribution system
  • Direct connections to operator platforms: Yes, 7
  • Presence of own SMS-centers: Yes, 3
  • Technical support - 24х7
  • The division of administration and quality monitoring- 24х7
  • Speed of mailing: 350 смс/сек.
  • Geography: RF, CIS + 220 стран мира
  • Connection type: web, ПО, http/s, smpp
  • The ability to connect via API: yes
  • Integration capability - да
  • Test balance: 500 СМС
  • Sender-Name substitution: letter name(up to 11 characters) // number (up to 15 characters)
  • Connections for banks based on SLA
  • Technical support – 5 person
  • Managers, administrators – 5 person
  • Financial department - 3 person
  • Legal department - 2 person
  • Delivery department - 4 person
  • MOBBIS Programming and Development Departmentn – 12 person
   7 year    Working method:
  • Tender
  • Bilateral agreement

Payment method:
  • Transfer
  • Pay Pal
  • Яндекс.Money

We are ready to become your reliable partner for as the main flow of SMS traffic, and an alternative channel .

If you are interested in working with us or testing, please let us know: