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HTTP API HTTP API 3.0 MOBIPACE (English version)

HTTP API 3.0 is platform-independent, which makes it easy to integrate with any solution, regardless of the technologies and programming languages used.

HTTP API HTTP API 3.0 MOBIPACE (Russian version)

HTTP API 3.0 является платформо-независимым, что облегчает интеграцию продкута в любое решение независимо от применяемых технологий и языков программирования.

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Bulk SMS Excel Plugin Excel module for sending messages 

Effective way to send a group message. 

Install it on your computer according to the provided instructions and run the program MS Excel

This module is temporarily unavailable
MIMS application

MIMS is suitable for the implementation of bulk SMS directly from your personal computer! 

You need to register in the MOBIPACE system, to use the MIMS application.

Download MIMS (version

Important! To install the MIMS application, you must install .NET Framework 4 and above

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4