HTTP API 4.0 is platform independent.

Thus it possible to integrate the product with any solution, regardless of the technologies and programming languages ​​used.

HTTP API 4.0 provides the following capabilities:

  • Sending SMS messages in ASCII format (Latin)
  • Sending SMS messages in UNICODE format
  • Sending long (concatenated) SMS messages
  • Sending VIBER messages
  • SMS or VIBER message status tracking 
  • Message scheduling 
  • Message sending speed control
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Preliminary calculation of messages sending cost 
  • Request SMS and VIBER registered Sender Names

Data transfer is carried out by means of data exchange within the application layer protocol. Data is exchanged via the HTTPS protocol, i.e. HTTP (RFC 2068, RFC 2616) with the mandatory use of the SSL/TLS layer.

Server handles incoming connections on port 444 .

Server accepting requests in JSON format by using POST method.